Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fake Terrorist Adam Pearlman, Appearing as Adam Gadahn, Presents a Hitlist of 40 Persons

Adam Pearlman posing as Adam Gadahm
Adam Pearlman is the grandson of ADL board
member Dr. Carl Pearlman.
What can be more embarrassing than the tangle of global warming alarmists polluting any genuine struggle to clean our environment? How about the incredible number of people that remain deluded into accepting that the buildings fell because the planes hit them?

Is it this massive disconnect from reality that allows the FBI's continued use of Adam Pearlman as justification for their domestic agenda? You would have thought that the MOSSAD has squeezed every last drop of milk from this flaccid udder. Have they given up even trying to lie properly and deal with the fact that Pearlman been outed ad nauseam as the grandson of ADL board member Dr. Carl Pearlman?

Today's ABC News Article:

'According to a bulletin circulated by the FBI, the hit list appeared on the website Ansar al-Mujahideen after one poster highlighted Al Qaeda leader Adam Gadahn's call in a June 3 message for lone wolf attacks on American public figures and corporate institutions. "In response to the original posting," says the U.S. government's intelligence bulletin, "other forum members posted the names of over 40 heads of government, industry and media as potential targets." One forum member suggested that booby-trapped parcels be sent to the home addresses of those on the list.'

The braindead public sat idly by and watched as these agencies painted themselves into a corner with lies every bit as big and as destructive as the housing derivative scam, then do nothing when they claim to have finally killed Osama Bin Laden and buried him at sea.

There will be no apologies for the errant course of this nation. No remorse for the misconceptions that have killed millions of indigenous peoples and looted their natural resources.

Why? Because the so-called progressive movement in the United States consists predominantly of sycophantic twits who will never reckon with how stupid they truly are. You can remember them as saying, "All I know is that as soon as Obama is elected, I can get on with life.". Somehow that meant allowing Obama to use the same lies as the Bush administration to gain the same political capital. Now we're watching so-called progressives caught like a deer in the headlights. As with the Obama/Biden bumper stickers that remain on some vehicles, they remain frozen in time and permanently affixed even when Obama/Biden start an additional world war.

Too paralyzed to deal with the crumbling economy, the eroding infrastructure, and the destruction of our eco-system, not to mention our economy, they willingly stand in line for their patdowns and crotch-grabs at the airports. Too afraid to think for themselves, any form of critical analysis is lost through fear of being labeled a 'conspiracy theorist'.

Instead, like their idiot equivalents on the other side of the political spectrum, they become useful instruments for the lies they support. Good consumers, good patients, lousy citizens.

J.T. Waldron

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  1. Adam Pearlman eats worms and ABC news is stupid for paying attention to his bigotted candy ass.